Producer liability is financed by a recycling charge

The charge paid when you buy a new tyre finances collection, processing and final recycling of the used tyre set. Tyres which are originally fitted to trailers, farming and construction machinery etc. are also covered by the producer responsibility. A workshop importing tyres itself is regarded as a manufacturer and has producer responsibility. Any workshop buying tyres from a Swedish importer or manufacturer should check that the supplier accepts its liability. The same applies for the consumer.

Companies selling tyres online from outside Sweden often claim to accept producer responsibility, but unfortunately they rarely do in practice. The undertaking is wide-ranging: For example: the tyres sold have to be collected again when used, regardless of their geographical location. Taking used tyres in exchange when a customer buys new ones does not qualify. The SDAB has built up an organisation that takes care of the whole procedure for companies with whom it has a signed agreement.

Workshops that charge for taking used tyres are in breach of the regulation on producer responsibility if they are part of the SDAB's collection organisation and therefore subject to penalties even if delivering the tyres free for recycling. On the other hand they can take payment for removing the tyres from the rims when someone hands in a complete wheel.

All tyre importers in Sweden that accept producer responsibility are listed here.

Price list for recycling fees - click here.
These fees are paid by the manufacturer to SDAB. The manufacturer is then free to decide whether (or how much) to charge its customers.