Svensk Däckåtervinning AB (SDAB), is the tyre industry's response to the Regulation on Producer Responsibility for Tyres (1994:1236) and is charged with organising the collection and recycling of all used tyres.

Since the start of operations in January 1995, between 90 and 100% of all used tyres have been collected every year. The collection and recycling rate in the most recent years has exceeded 100%. Consumers fulfil their environmental responsibility by paying a recycling charge when buying new tyres.

The Regulation on Producer Responsibility states that anyone selling tyres on the market must take responsibility for dealing with them when they are used. Similar systems have since been introduced for cars, electrical and electronic products, magazines, wallpaper, cardboard, metals, plastics and glass. The respective industries have formed companies to coordinate responsibility for collection of recyclable materials. The supervising authority is the Environmental Protection Agency and local authority environmental services.

You can read the rules in the "Regulation on Producer Responsibility for Tyres" here.