A level playing field

The SDAB wants all materials to be assessed using the same criteria when used in different situations.

Different criteria are currently applied to products made from virgin or recycled materials. The process of getting a material classed by the authorities as "waste" to be considered as a new raw material or product is often a long one. And just as we work within the circular economy for more material recycling, new legislation and regulations tend to work in the opposite direction. The EU Commission has identified the problem, and aims to start working on harmonising the REACH regulation with a new waste directive in 2017.

Risk analysis for material as the main factor in different situations 

Swedish legislators and authorities have the chance to take the lead by introducing risk analysis for materials as the main criteria in different situations (rather than chemical content) and by applying the same criteria regardless of material source. The SDAB believes that close collaboration to optimise public benefit via the use of recycled material ought to include new criteria for its use to ensure that its competitiveness is not automatically hindered.