Greater transparency

The SDAB wants greater transparency for use of material in various forms

What that means for the SDAB is: 

  • Working for traceability of material, where it comes from and who made it
  • Research and communicate how material migrates certain components to the environment, and whether that causes any negative effects, whilst proposing measures to help reduce the problem
  • Proving the extent of the impact the material has compared to other common impacts on people and the environment
  • Comparing tyre material with other (often virgin) material in the same situation
  • Running cost/benefit analyses - i.e. demonstrating the usefulness of the material in relation to the misgivings prevalent concerning its use

The SDAB believes that on the whole, such activities can give a good picture of how the material can be used in a circular economy, as it identifies risks and comparisons. Tyre rubber cannot be simply described based on its chemical content, as each manufacturer has its own composition and there are constant advances in terms of tyre technology. The material processed from a mixture of used tyres therefore varies. But the main thing is that none of the contents can be free of some form of impact.