Svensk Däckåtervinning renews contract with Ragn-Sells


Svensk Däckåtervinning AB (SDAB) has contracted Ragn-Sells Däckåtervinning AB for collection of used tyres for recycling, processing, and sale of recycled tyre products. The contract came into force on 1 January 2017 and will run for 6 years throughout Sweden.

  • "We look forward to continuing our working relationship by supporting the use of recycled rubber and steel for a range of purposes," says Svensk Däckåtervinning’s CEO Fredrik Ardefors. The benefit of recycling rubber in everything from all-weather football pitches, water filtering and cycle tracks etc. are clear, and we are working together to answer every enquiry concerning the material. We also have a project running to close the cycle for the material, so that the flow is minimised during and after use.
  • Naturally, it is highly stimulating to continue the partnership with SDAB in the progressive phase which the use of high-performance rubber from tyres is now entering," says Pål Hansen, CEO at Ragn-Sells Däckåtervinning. "The potential of recycled material is very important for us along with the health and environmental aspects, transparency and collaboration with the authorities and customers."

More details are available from Fredrik Ardefors, mail: