The tyre industry – an unbeatable opportunity

”The matter can be easily summarised as follows: The tyre industry works to facilitate road transport for people, animals and material things safely, comfortably, protectively and at low cost to the environment by developing, manufacturing and marketing tyres, recommending the right tyres for the right job (based on vehicle, driving conditions, load, climate etc), correct fitting and checks, and recycling them responsibly when used for continued use of their component materials to the maximum benefit of society”.

Tyres are a major part of the modern wheel, which in its turn is an irreplaceable part of the world we live in - to be able to bike to work, deliver food to shops, travel on holidays, and so on. Tyres are thus absolutely essential to many aspects of human life.

The tyre industry therefore has a special responsibility for the basic functions of society. And that's why the industry believes in continuous product development, research into and the minimising of impact on people and the environment, transparency and traceability, education, working with the authorities and to disseminate information concerning issues related to the industry.

The invention of the wheel and tyres were perhaps the most important in man's history, and inventions that have achieved the biggest savings for the environment given the way society is structured at this time.

Tyres transfer energy between vehicle and road, create friction and offer comfort through absorbing shock. Tyres convert kinetic energy to heat energy, e.g. during braking. Tyres are therefore a very high tech product, consisting of a large number of component parts, all precision-controlled to meet the demands of society and the customer.