All tyre workshops who are members of the Svensk Däckåtervinnings scheme are covered by producer responsibility

Private individuals can contribute to public health and the common good by ensuring that used tyres are returned for recycling

Most tyre workshops, local authority ÅVC etc. that are part of our network take up to 8 tyres without prior arrangement.

The tyres must be removed from their rims. If they are not, the workshop is entitled to make a small charge for removing them.

The workshop can often only take a limited number of tyres. If you have a lot or very big tyres, such as tractor tyres, contact the Svensk Däckåtervinnings contractor, Ragn-Sells, 031-336 2865, or mail for instructions.

Tyre workshops are covered by the Regulation on Producer Responsibility and are thereby obliged to take used tyres, even when you do not buy new tyres.

You can read the regulation here