Hello Blake, you are a former baseball professional, when did you begin to sculpt with recycled tyres?

”I started sculpting with tyres in 2013.”

What sort of response have you had?

”It’s been fantastic. I had never expected that my tyre sculptures would be so popular! Originally, I just wanted to create a cool piece of art. It’s incredible to see how many people appreciate them. That makes it feel like all the time I spend is worthwhile.”

But why tyres?

”I really like the diversity of car tyres, there are simply so many different styles. Now and again I get hold of really old tyres with totally unique tread patterns. When I mix them with new, modern tyres, the result is very powerful.”

Have you got any recommendations for Swedish artists who want to work with old tyres?

”Ha ha, prepare for constant cramp in your arms! Cutting up tyres is extremely hard. You need physical strength and a lot of patience. So my best tip is to run a serious training programme for your arms before you start.”

Blake McFarland
Age: 29 years (1988)
Profession: Artist
Lives: San José, California.
General: He’s a talented baseball player. Has played for Toronto Blue Jays in the American MLB (Major League Baseball).