Agreement on redeeming used tyres

Workshops or local authorities can sign an agreement for collection of used tyres. Download agreement here. Our contractor, Ragn-Sells, collects tyres from each member customer and rubber workshop. The cost for collection and recycling is included in the recycling charge charged by manufacturers/importers when selling new tyres.

A condition for collection is that the recycling charge for the tyres is paid and that an agreement with the SDAB has been signed, and that the tyres are accessible, clean and removed from rims. Collection can be refused for tyres that do not fulfil the REACH requirements, i.e. the EU’s requirements for tyre content etc. Tyres that contain puncture fluid and the like must be marked, and the driver informed upon collection.

A special charge is made for collection on-site for small volumes (<300 tyres/2 tonnes). Ragn-Sells can alternatively designate a site for free redirection. A special charge is also made for express collection and road tolls when loading cannot due to the customer's circumstances. 

NB: special rules apply to car recycling!

Scrap car tyres are not covered by producer responsibility for tyres, which is why they are only collected from scrapyards with a special agreement with the SDAB. Contact Fredrik Ardefors at, or call 08-50 60 10 55.

Take out workshop agreement

Download the SDAB agreement on recycling used tyres.

Download and open the document in a PDF reader before filling it in. Some browsers can have a problem with å, ä and ö in PDF forms.

Order collection

Workshops can order collection of used tyres here.